Mark Antar / Buffalo, NY
Bright Minds Education Center

Meet with individual students, grades fourth through seventh, to develop reading comprehension and writing skills
Assist students with homework assignments on topics such as grammar, spelling, vocabulary and reading comprehension
Conduct sessions for essay writing and idea creation, classroom test practice, standardized test preparation and hold open office hours to answer questions and provide last-minute help
Create and execute 10-minute to 15-minute lesson plans tailored to each student's challenges and strengths
Provide brief quizzes to recap previous lessons and sessions, submitting weekly and monthly progress reports for parents and students to review
Average an improvement rate of one full letter grade for each individual student over 12 tutoring sessions
Participate in weekly staff meetings to discover new pedagogical strategies and develop center-wide programs to promote continued learning
Tutor Aide
Northside Community Center

Completed up to 20 tutoring sessions per week for local students primarily in grades second through sixth
Focused 30-minute and hour-long sessions on reading lessons, vocabulary development and comprehension
Partnered with local teachers to prepare additional lessons on particularly challenging topics for specific students
Set monthly goals to improve specific skills, understanding of challenging subjects and classroom grades
Created reading competitions to encourage students to read for fun on their own and continue practicing their skills
Held a weekly book club to promote reading outside of the classroom and the center, facilitating discussions on stories and characters to further improve comprehension skills and develop empathy and communication
  • Lesson planning
  • English language, grammar and vocabulary training
  • Microsoft Word and PowerPoint
  • Empathy and compassion
  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Motivation techniques
  • Collaboration
Bachelor of Science
University at Buffalo
  • English: Conversational