Commercial Truck Driver
Ina's Baked Goods

Transported packaged products and raw ingredients to manufacturing factories, retail locations and online distribution centers
Inspected company vehicles for potential safety violations or problems before every journey
Planned driving routes and calculated trip times to ensure shipments arrived on time
Meticulously logged hours driven, miles accumulated and gallons of gasoline purchased
Strictly complied with federal regulations and company policies and procedures
Checked loads before and upon delivery to make sure all inventory was accurate and accounted for
Reported any damaged or missing products to supervisors
Distribution Coordinator
Mayberry Shipping

Checked outgoing shipments to ensure the orders were filled correctly
Monitored perishable items and recalled products that were expired
Created and maintained regular logs of all incoming and outgoings shipments
Innovated new process for loading 18-wheel vehicles that saved warehouse employees an average of four hours a week
Made regular rounds in the warehouse every morning to ensure all walkways and paths were clear before shipments arrived
Reported any issues or relays directly to warehouse manager
  • Excellent driving skills
  • Skilled in time management and organization
  • Good hearing and vision
  • Able to perform routine vehicle maintenance
  • Capable of working with or without direct supervision
  • Skilled in using GPS devices and traditional maps
Edwards College, Truck Driving School
Bachelor of Arts in Art History
Ellicottville State University
  • English