Lindsay Jackson
Phoenix, Arizona
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Graduated - Phoenix University
  • Teamwork: Good teamwork skills that assist with adjusting to new teams and meeting hospital needs
  • Flexibility: Flexible work ethic with the ability to travel from one department or hospital to another in days
  • Research: Adept in researching and keeping up-to-date on multiple state rules and regulations in the nursing industry
  • Communication: Strongly developed written and verbal communication skills
West Coast Nursing Association
June 2016
Fill in temporary nursing shortages in West Coast hospitals
Meet with nursing departments to understand unique needs
Coordinate patient care with the full-time nursing staff
Participate in monthly staffing meetings to understand the hospital's upcoming nursing needs
Complete intakes and diagnostics
Create treatment plans
Central Arizona Hospital
Registered Nurse

Completed diagnostic tests to determine the cause of each patient's symptoms
Interpreted results of diagnostic tests, using the information to create each treatment plan
Updated patient medical records and history and coordinated care with payment department
Assisted with the rehabilitation of each patient
Worked closely with the patient's medical doctor to provide treatment
Phoenix Hospital
Nursing Resident

Maintained a daily caseload of 10 patients, ensuring each one was properly monitored
Evaluated and recorded patient vitals
Administered individual medications
Prepared patients for surgical procedures
Completed initial intake assessment of each patient
  • English - Conversational