Atlanta, GA
Southside University
Bachelor's in Business Administration
  • Database and spreadsheet management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Resource management
  • Target setting
  • Coaching
  • Identifying and developing staff strengths
Ernst and Boehner
Senior Team Leader

Conduct weekly team meetings to encourage staff to share ideas, give feedback, request training and help identify areas where processes can be improved and made more efficient.
Run regular reports to extract data about customer behavior, purchasing trends and seasonal changes in product popularity. These inform resource allocation, staff planning and stock management decisions to increase efficiency and reduce downtime.
Review sales targets to ascertain whether they are set at appropriate levels to provide motivation for staff, balancing realistic goals with challenging tasks that encourage staff to develop their skills.
Act as the first point of contact for staff who need support and guidance.
Fullerstone Gifts
Team Leader

Developed sales strategies and set team and individual targets, and provided training on how to achieve them.
Monitored team performance, assessed efficiency and identified several time-consuming processes that could be streamlined in order to improve their output.
Worked with the development team to redesign the sales interface to make it more user-friendly and to automate some of the most frequently performed tasks, saving four hours per person per week.
Collected and analyzed performance data, created and delivered reports to the senior management team and made recommendations on ways to increase productivity through more efficient processes.
  • English - Conversational