Mary Bennett
Bachelor of Science in Surgical Technology
Manafort University
Graduated -
  • Scheduling patient assessment over any span of planned patient care
  • Maintaining consistent performance as the physician's aide
  • Organizing and ensuring the right tools via identification, use and designation
  • Preparing planned tasks through the use of medical terminology and workplace standards
  • Maintaining certifications while also training and educating staff
  • Focusing intently on the sterilization of equipment with cleanup during post-surgery
  • Working directly with each patient to prepare them for all phases of their assessment, operation and recovery
  • Using preoperative protocols during preparatory stages
  • Meeting the demands of intra-operative care during live operations
  • Relying on post-operative scope of practice to provide patients with the aid they need for reacclimation and recovery
Perry County Hospital
Surgical Technician

Clean operating rooms and maintain inventory of supplies
Keep physicians prepared at every stage of their operations and procedures
Listen attentively to the instructions of physicians and surgeons
Saint Augustine Hospital
Surgical Technician

Documented patient assessments and directly addressed their concerns
Helped to improve the workflow and competency of the surgical team by reporting patient assessments
Maintained a clean and efficient work environment for medical practitioners to operate in
  • Spanish - Conversational
  • English - Conversational