Buffalo, NY
Substitute English Teacher
Ithaca Middle School

Collaborate with lead teachers to execute informative and engaging lesson plans
Create lists of in-depth questions to facilitate class discussions on reading material
Proctor vocabulary and reading comprehension quizzes
Teach brief essay writing workshops to help students develop their structure and argumentation skills
Combine visual aids, such as relevant film and audio clips, with in-class reading to enhance student interest
Substitute Science Teacher
Jefferson High School

Followed lead science teachers' lesson plans for Biology, Earth Sciences and Physics classes
Lead students through their lessons using presentations, video clips and passages from the textbook
Facilitated class discussion by asking questions from the teacher's textbook and allowing students to answer and confer among themselves
Monitored students when performing simple experiments, ensuring the safe use of equipment
Provided assistance to students during in-class assignments, such as group projects, worksheets and test preparation
Substitute Social Studies Teacher
Morningside Academy Middle School

Created my own lesson plans for Social Studies classes during teacher absences
Taught brief, engaging lessons related to topics each class was covering at the time, including introducing students to important historical figures
Played trivia games with classes to keep their memory of important historical events strong and to prepare them for upcoming quizzes and exams
Provided students literary passages from writers at the time, having them discuss how the content reflects the historical events of the era
Monitored study hall in place of absent Social Studies teachers
  • Microsoft Office Suite, including Word, PowerPoint and Outlook
  • Lesson planning and grading
  • Organization and time management
  • Ability to adapt teaching style and classroom activities to students' needs
  • Formal written communication
  • Interpersonal communication and public speaking
Bachelor of Science in Education
Buffalo State College
  • English