Johnathan Garrison /
Associate in Arts in Communications
Gibson University
Sales Executive
Emerald, Inc

Weighs the results of a sales campaign versus the cost of each sales process
Tracks metrics and goals to calibrate the sales strategy toward formulated goals
Knows the core phases of the sales structure to give businesses control over their strategies
Understands how the consumer perceives the brand for a deeper understanding of their buying habits
Works to gather more data about the consumer to enable sales team to analyze market conditions when developing product solutions
United, LLC

Used verbal skills to wield the most influence over each group of leads
Maintained attention to detail and created a sales strategy for target markets
Learned sales criteria for all of the active departments of a business
Established start-up company as a reliable force within the business world
  • Building relationships with a keen eye for growth
  • Finding more solutions to sell to existing clients
  • Negotiation skills
  • Leading market research expertise
  • Aligning strategies to recent stock and supply counts
  • Tracking customer feedback
  • Generating new leads
  • Spanish: Conversational
  • English: Conversational