Chaz Vena
123 Hayden Blvd, Troy, Ohio /
Fashion Institute of Chicago
Graduated -
  • Excellent math skills
  • Familiarity with point of sale systems and credit card technology
  • Certified loss prevention specialist
  • Fashion design background with extensive knowledge of materials and design for body type
Martha John Clothier
Retail Sales Associate
High-end women's clothing boutique
Lead the team average for upsells for thirteen consecutive months
Develop a list of VIP customers and contact them for special sales
Attend New York Fashion Week and rework merchandising based on upcoming trends
Compile a list of must-have wardrobe items and hang them in the dressing rooms to increase upsells by 10% that month
Finished top in the company in annual upsell sales 2015-2019
Won 'Top Sale of the Year' Award in 2018
Merchandising Assistant
Upscale men's clothing
Set up seasonal displays that increased sales by 10%
Switched out mannequins for paper body molds with faces, increased sales by 25%
Chose wardrobe pieces to highlight and selected lighting for best presentation
Added 'outfit examples' throughout the store to increase upsells and multiple item purchases in a single sale
Canterbury Boots
Sales Associate
Family-owned boot-making operation
Assisted 20 customers a day on average answering questions about leather quality, construction process and fashion
Maintained $500 average in sales per day, $60k total sales earned
Stocked, replenished and organized displays
Switched merchandise periodically for optimal customer interaction with the items
Received a 4.5-star average (out of 5) in customer interactions
Named 'Best New Employee' in February 2014 based on highest first month's sales out of five new employees
  • English - Conversational