Lacey Jones / Los Angeles, CA
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
Sammy Smiles Mental Health Clinic

Offer counseling sessions to children, adults and families to help improve their mental and physical health
Conduct check-ups and routine physical examinations on patients to identify potential health issues
Address questions patients may ask and provide resources and other necessary material to answer questions
Order, analyze and interpret psychological testing for patients
Develop a treatment plan for each patient and prescribe necessary medications according to diagnosis
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
Applewood Family Medical Clinic

Studied and evaluated a range of mental health disorders to provide accurate diagnoses to patients
Prescribed psychiatric medications to patients and explained correct dosage before distribution
Worked with pediatric patients and their families to address illnesses and discuss possible treatment options
Listened to symptoms of patients and researched mental illnesses to determine which tests to run for diagnosis
Monitored and provided regular check-ups on patients to ensure treatment is effective
Collaborated with other staff members to build an inclusive and efficient environment for both patients and staff members
  • Proficient in psychiatric practices and diagnosing mental health disorders
  • Extensive experience in a medical clinic setting
  • Detail-oriented
  • Excellent verbal communication and interpersonal skills
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • Adaptable to different situations and settings
  • Ability to remain productive in high-stress situations
  • Impressive time-management skills used to enhance efficiency of the clinic
  • Organizations and Affiliations
  • American Association of Nurse Practitioners
  • American Nurses Association
  • International Society of Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurses
Master of Science
University of Washington
Bachelor of Science
University of California
  • English: Conversational