Certificate of Completion
Florida Photography School
Certificate in Photography and Fashion Studies
Huntsville College
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography and Art History
Miami School of Art and Design
Senior Partner/Lead Photographer
Miami Vogue Models and Talent

Heavily involved in the decision-making process regarding brand image and partnerships, as well as all representative models, talent and brand ambassadors
Lead photographer for campaigns, clients, projects and events
Managed and directed all staff members including marketing interns, blog writers, administrative assistants and photographers
Performed various office duties, such as email and phone correspondence, payroll and conducting meetings with clients
Creatively involved in the post-production process, photo editing, and providing guidance and feedback to the creative team
Lead Fashion Photographer
Orlando Fashion House Magazine

Managed two photographers and a team of hairstylists, make-up artists and fashion stylists during major photo shoots
Photographed models, celebrities, clothing apparel and accessories
Liaised with clothing designers, marketing individuals and writers to ensure project success
Responsible for shooting photos in a style that met with the magazine's objectives and brand image
Selected possible images for monthly print and online covers, as well as ads and catalogs
Participated in creative meetings and brainstorming sessions
Traveled to various locations for important photo shoots, promotional events and scoutingFreelance Fashion Photographer
  • Proficient in marketing strategies
  • Project management
  • Strong leadership and decision-making
  • Strong knowledge of composition, exposure and lighting
  • Able to make other people feel at ease
  • Familiar with digital imaging software
  • Able to remain calm under pressure
  • Strong knowledge of portrait photography and shooting fashion spreads
  • Strong familiarity with brand photography
  • English: Conversational