Atlanta, GA
  • Medical treatment follow-up
  • Medical chart writing
  • Monitoring psychological and physical changes in patients' conditions
  • Independence in completing tasks
  • Accuracy in numbers for measuring in equipment
  • Assessing disorders and medical conditions
  • Active listening and communication skills
  • Experience safely transferring patients from beds to chairs, wheelchairs and toilets
Clinical Attendant
Mary Hospital

Diligently records vital signs of patients
Guides 20 patients in their follow-up X-ray treatments daily
Inspects 60 devices and pieces of equipment a day to check for flaws
Analyzes and interprets various information gathered in a doctor's chart history
Transcribes the discussions from patient-doctor interactions on a daily basis
Listens to the concerns of family members in order to improve the comfort and well-being of patients
Helps patients with everyday tasks like dressing and eating
Mental Health Attendant
Mental Help Association

Improved health of a patient with cerebral palsy by 60% in the year 2017 and 80% by the year 2018
Praised for 100% microbe-free environment rooms in the year 2018
Monitored 12 autistic patients at the same time over the course of two weeks
Prepared meals for teenagers with attention deficit disorder (ADD) and anxiety
Scheduled and attended multiple appointments a day
Took care of older, cognitively impaired individuals
Improved a patient's coping skills in their frustration behaviors by 50% in one month
Helped four patients with Alzheimer's disease go home after a year of recovery
Helped physically disabled patients learn to walk correctly in a short period of time
Nutrition Personal Aide
Endocrinology and Nutrition Regulation Clinical Center

Prepared and cooked meals for 50 patients with dietary limits daily
Supported the parents of 10 children regarding advice on their children's lack of nutrition and assessments on a weekly basis
Provided substantial quantitative data in regards to the estrogen hormone regulation to 10 mothers weekly
Observed various new patterns and modifications to electrocardiography machines (EKG) daily
Documented the health progress of patients with metabolism problems daily
Bachelor of Science in General Psychology
Willmar College
  • English