Carla Davis
Master of Science in Nursing
Graduated - The University of Chicago
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Graduated - The University of Chicago
  • Communicating with compassion and understanding. Enjoys interacting with children and their families and educating them when needed. Able to communicate with all levels from doctors to young children.
  • Efficient and hardworking. Can manage multiple patients and large caseloads.
  • Physically fit and healthy. Able to lift and turn patients.
  • Strong observational skills. Notes all subtle changes in patients vital signs or behavior.
Noland Hospital
Pediatric Nurse

Maintain correct patient records and notes for the attending doctor to review
Administer medication and therapies as prescribed
Perform checks on patient vital signs
Install IV and central lines and obtain blood samples for laboratory analysis
Respond quickly and competently to all emergency and high-stress situations
Johnstone Clinic
Pediatric Nurse

Provided both pre
and post-operative care including preparation for surgery, monitoring of vital signs and post-operative wound care
Educated patients and their families about post-operative care in the home setting
Bathed patients and saw to their day to day personal care
Prepared patients for transfers to different departments for procedures and consultations
Extensive responsibility for neonatal infant care and monitoring
Fort Worth Hospital
General Registered Nurse

Provided care for up to 30 patients every day
Recorded, monitored and evaluated medical conditions
Admitted emergency care patients and directed their care to the appropriate department
Communicated with patients, families, nursing assistants and physicians to ensure high-level of patient care
Collaborated with senior staff to plan and implement patient care
  • English - Conversational