Office Administrator
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Office Administrator's address

Dedicated Office Administrator with 8 years of experience skilled in business administration with top-notch organizational skills. Excellent written and verbal communication skills, effective time management development implemented in office raising productivity 30%. Devoted work ethic and leadership to influence team building. Resourceful in cutting company costs and helping to boost customer satisfaction survey scores.

Employment History
Office Administrator
Western LTD
  • Organize team meetings and coordinate with departments of corporation to help with communication, team building and morale
  • Create and maintain scheduling of all department staff to execute fairness of hours and vacations
  • Document and implement changes to policies and ensure corporate privacy by keeping policy notebooks up to date and relevant
  • Mentor and motivate team to continue education and career development by offering classes and programs free of charge to employees
  • Responsible for budget development and monthly reports for department
  • Maximized department efficiency by streamlining documentation procedures to ensure completion of paperwork to meet quarterly deadlines
  • Handled employee complaints professionally and effectively for the best outcome for everyone
Office Administrator
Northern, Inc.,
  • Performed assessments to meet compliance regulations by analyzing reports and communicating with business customers and client companies
  • Prepared and distributed monthly reports to various department for analysis of revenue and monitoring of budget limits
  • Communicate with insurance companies and providers to ensure proper billing practice and correct any discrepancies
  • Reduced error in billing by keeping staff educated and offering certification to employees
  • Planned weekly team meetings to listen to and discuss staff ideas and concerns, educate staff about changes and build morale
Professional Skills
  • Recruiting, Staffing and Training expertise
  • Efficient Multi-tasker
  • Excellent written and communication skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Associate Mentoring
Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration
Westwood University