Paul Gregory
4516 Asthon Circle
Atlanta, Georgia
  • Administrating treatment and tracking progress
  • Offering basic life support and keeping tabs on core vitals is essential to identifying the next steps we need to take.
  • Relying on workplace etiquette to build patient relationships and prep them
  • Demonstrating cleanliness and a healthy environment for patients to enter
  • Using supervision and management when making critical decisions
  • Listening and writing during all facets of a work day. Keeping a pad and pen around is simple but provides effective accountability
  • Having the right competence to lead staff and patient education
  • Physical health as required for lifting moderate to heavy weight. Only a slight mistake in posture can cause complications, which can be avoided with a bit of training.
  • Customer service as it pertains to patient care
  • Looking to safety standards and protocols for daily guidance
  • Spanish
  • Relying on a general understanding of Spanish as it pertains to patient assessment and providing guidance with the objective of full, patient recovery
  • Studying to improve comprehension, which will accommodate the bilingual setting of medical-recovery offices and practices
Occupational Therapy Aide
Administer approved plans for the therapeutic recovery of all patients. This includes medications, counseling or transporting patients where they can receive better care and attention.
Sustain regulatory standards as required for members of OR. It's necessary to know the developing standards of medical practice to ensure the right competency to represent physicians while treating patients.
Occupational Therapy Aide
Interpret medical data while tracking patient progress. This includes the need to understand physician orders, which can establish the right criteria for resources and steps that should be taken.
Maintain cleanliness among medical resources along with the organization of documentation. By constantly organizing medical resources, they are ready and reliable when a medical teams needs them the most.
bachelor's degree
Montclair university
  • Spanish: Conversational
  • English: Conversational