Brittany Moore
Franklin, Ohio
  • Compassion and exceptional bedside manner
  • In-depth knowledge of HIPAA compliance policies
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Strong grasp of medical terminology
Certified Nursing Assistant
Valley Local Hospital

Cares for patients who are brought to the emergency department with bone fractures, breaks, falls, heart attacks, pregnancy emergencies, respiratory care, blood draws and other emergency care
Assists disabled patients with feeding, personal hygiene, range of motion, ambulation, turning and positioning in bed
Collaborate with the nursing team to focus on comprehensive methods of care to ensure patients needs are met according to age and level of emergency
Monitor patients intake and output reporting any changes to the Charge Nurse
Monitor and record vital signs every two hours
Communicate clear and compassionately while providing respect to patients and assist with reducing their anxiety
Communicate patients needs to the nursing team to make sure patients are comfortable during their stay
Nursing Assistant
Rainbow Long-Term Care Facility

Gave each person individual attention, which helped each resident maintain or attain their highest physical and mental well-being
Cared for the individual needs of residents, this included help with grooming, bathing and other hygiene needs
Immediately reported any changes in resident behavior or well-being these to nursing personnel
Checked vital signs, weighed residents, applied creams/ointments and collected specimens
Lifted, moved and transported residents, using proper body mechanics or lifting devices for accident prevention
Used a gait belt to assist residents with ambulatory needs
Completed records documenting care provided or other information in keeping with department policies to ensure residents received the best care possible
Oak River Care Facility
July 2011
June 2013
Bathed, dressed and assisted residents with other hygiene and bedtime needs
Turned and repositioned patients every two hours as per policy to prevent skin breakdown
Answered call lights, and emergency bells to determine and attend to patients' needs.
Took resident vitals, recorded food and fluid intake along with output
  • Spanish
  • English