Rachel Daniels
rachel.daniels@email.com / Nashville, Tennessee
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Tennessee University
Nurse Consultant
Central Tennessee Medical Clinic

Conduct intake and discharge interviews with patients
Facilitate monthly staff meetings to improve patient care
Evaluate the staff and facilities while making recommendations for improvements
Inspect the medical clinic often to ensure adherence to state and federal regulations
Document all findings and reports with local hospitals
Nurse Consultant
Tennessee Regional Hospital

Coordinated medical care, providing patients and families with resources and referrals
Worked closely with the university nursing training program, developing additional training programs
Monitored clinic medical practices and made recommendations to improve patient care
Communicated with patients to better understand their experience with the medical clinic
Offered medical and nursing staff resources for ongoing training
Ensured the medical clinic followed all state and city regulations
Nursing Resident
Nashville Hospital

Administered medications, updated records and provided care instructions to caregivers
Worked closely with Registered Nurse to create treatment plans
Ordered diagnostic tests to better understand patient conditions
Prepared patients for surgery
Managed medical emergencies, following hospital guidelines and protocols
Coordinated the internship program, providing mentorship for new interns
  • Problem-solving: Good evaluative and problem-solving skills that allow me to quickly identify a problem and determine the appropriate steps to overcome it
  • Leadership: Strong interpersonal skills that assist with taking a leadership role in each department
  • Computers: Intermediate computer and technical skills using common medical and reporting programs in the nursing industry
  • Educational: Strongly developed educational and mentoring skills that allow me to develop the skills of entry-level nursing professionals
  • English: Conversational