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While every interview is different, there are certain things you can say during any interview that can help you impress the interviewer and increase your chance of getting the job. When you are preparing for an interview, there are specific questions you can prepare and practice answering, but knowing what to say involves more than being prepared to answer the interviewer’s questions. This article discusses things you should always try to say during a job interview to help you stand out as the best candidate for the position you are applying for.

Why is it important to know what to say in an interview?

Knowing what to say in an interview is important because saying the right things can help make you stand out as the leading candidate. Knowing what to say in an interview shows the interviewer you have taken the time to prepare for the interview and that you are taking the position seriously. It also helps to ensure that you clearly convey why you are the best candidate for the position you are applying for.

Best things to say in an interview

Here is a list of the most important things you should try to say in an interview:

How well you know the company

One of the first things you want to make sure you make clear during the interview is that you have done research about the company. You can do this by telling the interviewer things you found during your research that made you more interested in working for their specific company. Prior to your interview, review the company’s website, social media pages and online reviews to learn as much about the company as possible. Then, try to use the same words and tone that the company uses to present itself as you answer questions throughout the interview.

You read the job description

In addition to doing research about the company, the interviewer will also want to know that you fully understand the duties and responsibilities of the position you are interviewing for. You can make it clear that you know what the company expects from a good candidate by letting them know you read the job description.

Why you are a great fit for the job

When discussing what you learned by researching the company and reading the job description, you should also use the information you learned to express why you are a great fit for the job. You can do this by talking about how your personal morals and values align with the company’s core values.

You can also express why you are a great fit for the specific job by discussing how the duties and responsibilities in the job description align well with your education, skills and experiences. Use personal anecdotes and stories to show rather than tell the interviewer why you are a great fit for the job.

How you will add value to the company

Part of showing the interviewer that you are the right candidate for the position you are applying for involves discussing how you will add value to the company if hired. Use previous accomplishments to show the interviewer how you have achieved success in your past. Then, try to connect the skills you used to achieve those accomplishments to a specific need or goal that the company has.

You work well on a team

Most employers are looking for employees who work well on a team and who will be a good fit with the company’s culture. You can express that you work well on a team by describing a project or task you have worked with a team on in the past. You should try to describe what your personal role on the team was, how your contributions helped the team succeed and how the team working together helped make the overall project a success.

The power of ‘you’

One of the most powerful words you can use during an interview is the word ‘you.’ The interviewer will naturally make most of the conversation about your education, skills and experiences, but looking for opportunities to discuss the needs and interests of the interviewer and the company can have a memorable impact. This shows that you are interested in how the job can benefit yourself and what the company’s needs and goals are.

You’re interested in learning and developing yourself

Talking about your interest in continuing to learn and develop yourself professionally tells employers you are open to change and learning new ways to do things. You can express your interest in continuous learning and development by talking about what you intend to do to stay current on industry trends and changes. You can also ask the interviewer if they offer any career development or continuing education programs.

What your career goals are with this company

Hiring, training and developing a new employee is often a costly process to an employer. A great way to stand out during your interview is to express your interest in building a long-term career within the company. You can do this by asking the interviewer what advancement opportunities exist within the company and what people who have previously been successful in this role are doing in the company now. These types of questions show the interviewer that you will be an asset to the company because you plan to stay with them long-term.

Questions you have for the interviewer

At the end of the interview, the interviewer will likely ask if you have any questions for them. You can use this as an opportunity to show your genuine interest in the company by asking thoughtful questions you prepared prior to the interview.

Examples of what to say in an interview

Here are a few examples of specific things you can say during an interview:

Acknowledge that you have read the job description

A great way to tell the interviewer you read the job description is in your response to the question, ‘Why are you interested in this specific job or company?’ You should focus on things specifically listed on the job description.

Example: ‘While reading the job description, I realized you are looking for someone who excels at both the strategic side of planning a content marketing project and at the creative side of content formatting. These needs align with my experience and strengths in content marketing.’

Focus on how your strengths can benefit the role

If the interviewer asks what your greatest strengths are, use this opportunity to show interest in the needs of the company. While the question is about your personal strengths, using the word ‘you’ in your answer allows you to connect those strengths to the needs of the company.

Example: ‘My experience as an account executive helped me strengthen my time management and customer service skills. Based on the job description it looks like you need a candidate who can manage their time to complete tasks efficiently while also providing excellent customer service.’

Mention what your career goals might be with this company

Even if the interviewer doesn’t specifically ask about your career goals during the interview, you could also use this same statement as a response when the interviewer asks if you have any questions.

Example: ‘I look forward to continuing to develop my skills so I can maximize my performance within this role. Within the next two to three years I would like to be in a position of leadership. What advancement opportunities exist for people within this role?’

Prepare some questions to ask the interviewer

You should always prepare a few general questions to ask at the end of your interview. This step can indicate your interest in the role and the company. During the interview, you might even make a note of something specific you would like to ask as a follow-up question.

Example questions you can consider asking:

  • ‘What goals do you have for the next quarter?’
  • ‘What qualities or skills do you find that put top performers in this role apart from other employees?’
  • ‘What can you tell me about this position that isn’t in the job description?’
  • ‘How is success measured in this role?’

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