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Technology has played a huge role in making it possible for mothers to stay at home while still earning an income. Often, these jobs offer a flexible schedule allowing you to decide how many hours you work and when to put in those hours. Learn about the average salary and responsibilities of different jobs to help you find the best stay-at-home mom job for you.

What are stay-at-home mom jobs?

Jobs for stay-at-home moms offer flexible hours, the ability to work remotely, low startup costs and fair pay. Often, these jobs will require nothing more than a computer and an internet connection. Some jobs may require a bachelor’s degree, but many require only a high school diploma or GED. The hiring process is often simple and completed entirely online.

If you are able to work outside the home for a few hours each week, a part-time job can also be a good fit. Some employers may allow you to work from home most days and come into the office only once a week for meetings or other on-site work. You can also start your own business, market your skills and provide valuable products or services on your own terms.

Best jobs for stay at home moms

Here are some examples of the best jobs for stay at home moms:

Sales Representative

National Average Salary: $54,298 per year

Role and Responsibilities: A Sales Representative sells goods or services to customers. This can be done online, over the phone or in person. Sales Representatives may work to find new leads, follow up with past customers or guide a customer through a purchase.

Travel Consultant

National Average Salary: $49,330 per year

Role and Responsibilities: A Travel Consultant helps their clients book activities, transportation and accommodations. These Consultants take their clients’ individual needs into account in order to offer advice and help coordinate everything from flights to travel insurance.


National Average Salary: $46,442 per year

Role and Responsibilities: A Translator converts content from one language into another. This can include translating audio files, film subtitles, written documents or even website copy. Some Translators provide their services during in-person conversations as well, acting as an interpreter to facilitate communication between two people who speak different languages.

Freelance Writer

National Average Salary: $21.89 per hour

Role and Responsibilities: Freelance Writers compose blog articles, product copy, website copy and other content for companies. They may build their own independent client list or take sub-contracted work from a larger content marketing firm.


National Average Salary: $21.48 per hour

Role and Responsibilities: Tutors help students improve their understanding of subjects like math, science and English. This can be done by offering in-person tutoring to local students in your home or a public space or by signing up to tutor through an established company that provides online tutoring services. Some companies focus on teaching English as a second language, while others employ Tutors across a broad range of subjects.

Copy Editor

National Average Salary: $19.99 per hour

Role and Responsibilities: Copy Editors proofread and revise content. This can include product descriptions, website copy, blog articles or marketing materials. Copy editing can be done on a freelance basis, but some companies will hire an in-house Copy Editor to edit all of their content. Copy Editors may also work for a publisher or content marketing company.

Graphic Designer

National Average Salary: $18.06 per hour

Role and Responsibilities: Graphic Designers create anything from company logos and marketing materials to T-shirt designs and clip art. A Graphic Designer might sell general designs through a third-party website that allows anyone to purchase them, or they may do custom work for individual and corporate clients.

Web Designer

National Average Salary: $22.19 per hour

Role and Responsibilities: A Web Designer builds custom websites for their clients. This is often done as freelance work, although a Web Designer could also work for a specific company. Web Designers might also offer website maintenance, update and troubleshooting services.


National Average Salary: $17.87 per hour

Role and Responsibilities: A Bookkeeper is typically responsible for either all or a portion of a company’s accounts. They record transactions, review financial records and produce reports, and they may also help with tax filings. Becoming a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) can help a Bookkeeper earn better pay, a higher position or more clients.

Virtual Assistant

National Average Salary: $16.38 per hour

Role and Responsibilities: A Virtual Assistant works as a Remote Administrative Assistant, performing tasks such as managing emails, booking trips, scheduling meetings and conducting research. A Virtual Assistant can start their own company and offer their services to multiple businesses, or they may work full-time or part-time for a single employer.


National Average Salary: $14.74 per hour

Role and Responsibilities: A Photographer takes pictures for their clients. Some Photographers work for websites and magazines, while others run their own businesses and offer their services for weddings, senior pictures, family portraits and other occasions. Many Photographers also offer basic photo editing services and prints as part of their photo session packages.

Social Media Specialist

National Average Salary: $13.97 per hour

Role and Responsibilities: Social Media Specialists help their clients develop and implement a social media strategy. In some cases, this means managing a brand’s social media accounts. A Social Media Specialist could also build their own following and make money as an influencer or brand ambassador.


National Average Salary: $13.64 per hour

Role and Responsibilities: A Blogger owns and maintains their own blog or website. Most Bloggers are also active on social media. If you gain enough of a following, you can begin earning money through ads, sponsored posts, affiliate links and brand partnerships. A blog can also be used to sell products or services.

Customer Service Representative

National Average Salary: $13.25 per hour

Role and Responsibilities: Customer Service Representatives may help with billing questions, tech support or product returns. They typically either answer customer questions through an online chat or offer over-the-phone support.

Data Entry Clerk

National Average Salary: $14.24 per hour

Role and Responsibilities: A Data Entry Clerk enters information into a computer program. This could involve inputting data from various sources into a database or software program, processing and updating invoices, or managing business records and files. They might also perform other general office tasks such as scanning documents and preparing reports.

Childcare Provider

National Average Salary: $11.73 per hour

Role and Responsibilities: The title of a Childcare Provider can cover several types of jobs. Some Childcare Providers babysit for friends, family and others in their community on an as-needed basis. Others work for one family as a full-time Nanny. A Childcare Provider might also work in a daycare or even run their own licensed daycare in their home.

Popular skills and qualifications to list on a resume for stay at home mom jobs

While every job is different, here is a list of popular skills and qualifications you can list on your resume when applying for stay at home mom jobs:

Bachelor’s degree

Many employers will require or at least strongly prefer that candidates have a bachelor’s degree. A master’s degree is not necessary for the jobs listed above, and most do not require a degree in a specific field.

Computer literacy

Many companies manage and equip their remote employees with online applications or special software, so you need to be comfortable using computers, the internet and a variety of programs.

Organization and time management skills

The majority of stay-at-home mom jobs allow for flexible scheduling. Since you will be in charge of your own schedule, you need to be organized and possess good time management skills. You also need to be self-motivated to stay on task.

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