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Teaching is an important profession with lots of rewards. Even so, there are sometimes reasons that teachers may seek additional work opportunities, usually because of the desire for a career change or summer gig. Learn about other jobs for teachers, the best jobs for teachers and popular skills so you can find the right job for you.

What are other jobs for teachers?

Teachers have many specialties, which means when they pursue other jobs outside of teaching, these jobs tend to fall into a broad number of categories. They use skills they’ve developed on the job, like working with children, providing instruction, being organized, customer service and more, in new roles where those skills are highly valued.

Sometimes, teachers seek other jobs because they want to work over the summer which can be an off-season for teachers not involved in summer teaching programs. Working over the summer can provide teachers with more financial stability and allows them to develop new skills they can take back to the classroom.

Other times, teachers are looking to make a career change. When a teacher recognizes that it’s time to move on from classroom education, they often look for jobs that require parallel skills and meet their job search requirements.

Best summer jobs for teachers

Here are the best summer jobs for teachers based on the skills they have already gained working in education:


National Average Salary: $11.90 per hour

Roles and Responsibilities: Lifeguards keep summer pool-goers safe by ensuring that all the rules of the pool are followed. They may also be responsible for teaching swimmers or keeping a schedule of pool activities. Lifeguards are CPR certified and have specific lifeguard training that allows them to rescue swimmers in the event of an emergency.


National Average Salary: $21.50 per hour

Roles and Responsibilities: In the summer months, Tutors provide learning help and education to students looking to get ahead or catch up in school. Tutors can be freelance or contract, working out of the homes of their clients to ensure educational excellence is achieved, or they can work in a facility, like a learning center, where they might teach classes and spend time with individual students.

Head Coach

National Average Salary: $22.04 per hour

Roles and Responsibilities: A Head Coach is a professional who helps children or adults develop their athletic skills by instructing on team sports. Coaches may be specialized in a specific sport, like football or soccer, or they might work with a community program teaching a number of team sports and activities. This is a good profession for teachers who excel at physical education, fitness and health.

Freelance Writer

National Average Salary: $24.03 per hour

Roles and Responsibilities: Freelance Writers usually work from home, assisting clients with writing needs, including creating compelling marketing copy, ghostwriting blogs or fiction and providing content marketing consultation. Freelance Writers must have a strong handle on the languages in which they write, including knowledge of spelling and grammar. This is a good option for teachers who want flexibility and self-management in their work day.

Adjunct Instructor

National Average Salary: $62.43 per hour

Roles and Responsibilities: Adjunct Instructors are non-tenured professionals who often work on a contract basis to teach students at the college level. They instruct on a number of subjects and have first-hand experience working in the field that they teach. Teachers looking for a summer job may work at a college to teach education to students going to school to become a teacher.

Best career change jobs for teachers

Here are some of the best jobs for teachers seeking a career change:

Guidance Counselor

National Average Salary: $49,247 per year

Roles and Responsibilities: Guidance Counselors offer students help with planning for the future, encouraging children to think about their careers and offer support in other areas of life. Guidance Counselors can help point students to educational and social welfare resources, counsel students on important decisions and perform school administrative tasks. Guidance Counselors may need to be state-certified, and teachers should examine the individual requirements of their state.

College Professor

National Average Salary: $54,528 per year

Roles and Responsibilities: College Professors are hired directly by colleges and universities to teach higher education to college students. They may be responsible for teaching any number of subjects and might be required to have a background in education as well as experience working in the subject they teach. A teacher seeking to become a College Professor should consider earning a master’s degree.

Social Worker

National Average Salary: $59,074 per year

Roles and Responsibilities: Social work is a helping profession that specializes in working with clients who have specific needs and providing them with resources, guidance, case management and counseling. Social Workers work at hospitals, non-profits, government agencies and other organizations where the public underserved populations can seek assistance. This profession might be best suited for individuals with knowledge of psychology and sociology, and will require teachers to meet licensure requirements.

Instructional Designer

National Average Salary: $60,462 per year

Roles and Responsibilities: Instructional Designers are skilled at making curriculum and training programs for institutions, like schools and government agencies, as well as corporations and private learning centers. Instructional Designers should have experience with curriculum development and using software and technology required to create modular coursework and training materials.

School Psychologist

National Average Salary: $70,598 per year

Roles and Responsibilities: School Psychologists provide psychological support and counseling to students in elementary, middle and high school. In a typical day, a School Psychologist might provide counseling and resources to students, work with school social workers, nurses and other healthcare professionals in the school setting to determine the individual needs of students and work with parents on a treatment plan.

Popular skills for teachers seeking other jobs

Here are some popular skills that teachers bring to the workplace in other industries:

  • Patience
  • Organization
  • Teaching and training
  • Problem-solving
  • Conflict resolution
  • Administrative duties
  • Technical abilities

Teachers may want to stay in the education industry in an administrative or counseling capacity or they may opt to leave the teaching field completely. The skills of a teacher can be transferable to many other industries.

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