Grand Rapids, MI
  • Customer service
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Conversational skills
  • Organization and cleanliness
  • Time management
  • Sales and product recommendation
  • Women's waxing
  • Men's waxing
  • Pre-waxing treatment
  • Post-waxing care
Vera Salon

Consult with clients on treatment preferences and history, recommending styles and treatments
Chat with clients during their treatment, building a friendly rapport and promoting their comfort
Explain the full treatment process to new clients or those unfamiliar with a specific treatment, ensuring clients know what to expect
Follow state and salon policies on cleanliness and use of treatment materials to ensure a safe, healthy environment
Create a comfortable environment through the use of essential oil diffusers and music, increasing client satisfaction by 30%
Complete client transactions, collect payment and schedule follow-up appointments using complex salon management software
Represent Vera Salon at vendor conferences to network with product companies and other salons, strengthening professional contacts
Assistant Esthetician
Zen Beauty Spa

Trained under senior Estheticians to refine my customer service skills and waxing techniques
Provided guidance to new clients on the benefits, process and aftercare for a variety of waxing treatments and styles
Performed hair removal treatments using clients' preferred techniques, including soft wax and sugar wax
Assisted in general maintenance and cleaning of waxing room, such as monitoring wax temperature, stocking utensils and organizing materials
Gave product recommendations for a variety of skincare needs, including reducing hair growth
Scheduled new and follow-up appointments using salon management software
Sent reminder emails and conducted reminder phone calls for all appointments
Associate of Science in Business Administration
Grand Rapids Technical College
  • English