Hillary Parker
Athens, Alabama
  • Director of Nursing Services - Certified
  • National Association of Directors of Nursing Administration Certified Director of Nursing Exam
  • Interpersonal skills - Able to interact efficiently and empathetically with patients, physicians, nurses and other staff
  • Leadership skills - Comfortable taking charge in all situations especially in high- pressure environments
  • Organization skills - Can manage large numbers of staff and schedules to ensure staffing needs are met and patients' needs are prioritized
  • Analytical skills - Ensures efficient care is provided with no waste of resources
Director of Nursing
Evergreen Hospital

Budgets, manages and schedules a team of 50 nurses and ward staff
Implemented staffing changes to increase efficiency which resulted in a reduction in 36% less additional rota hours for all nursing staff
Revised system used for sample collection and processing, which resulted in a cost-saving of $50,000 annually
Reviewed and updated over 100 protocols and procedures to maintain and improve compliance with the Joint Commission standards
Assistant Director of Nursing
Realton Clinic

Managed a small nursing and therapeutic team in a private clinic
Implemented policies and procedures to bring clinic in-line with the Joint Commission standards
Developed and delivered training courses for all staff covering infection control and safety procedures, which led to 100% compliance with standard operating procedures
Analyzed data to identify resources under or over-utilized and redistributed these resources to increase quality of patient care, clinical and cost-benefit outcomes
Registered Nurse
Alabama State Hospital

Administered medication and educated patients on their diagnosis and treatment plans
Collaborated with physicians to create Patient Care Plans tailored to patients' needs
Completed patient medical records and ensured patient information on charts was accurate
Master of Science in Nursing
The University of Alabama
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
The University of Alabama
  • English: Conversational