Dallas, Texas
Smile More Dental Clinic

Meet with parents and children to discuss dental issues and recommend correction techniques
Work to prevent dental problems
Clean the teeth of children and teenagers
Diagnose general dental problems using technical equipment and visual evaluation
Evaluate the overall progress of each patient
Bay Area Local Dentists

Administered oral medications to assist with diagnostic or pain relief during dental procedures
Evaluated dental X-rays, discussing them with patients and evaluating treatment options
Recommended dental procedures to repair broken and missing teeth
Evaluated children for the availability of braces and other orthodontic techniques
Performed bonding on missing or broken teeth
Dental Assistant
Dallas Local Dental Care

Completed dental cleanings, making note of any specific teeth that required further evaluation
Prepared all patient paperwork, evaluating each file before meeting with the patient
Mixed packing gum and prepared all surgical tools before oral surgery
Met with dentist weekly to discuss patient care plans and upcoming appointments
Prepared and cleaned up each dental room
  • Communication: Highly developed written and verbal communication skills that assist me in understanding patient concerns
  • Technical: Intermediate skills in using diagnostic tools such as X-ray machines
  • Research: Keen research skills that keep me up to date on the latest techniques and practices in the dental industry
  • Problem-solving: Problem-solving skills assist me in coming up with multiple solutions to overcome pain and dental problems
Bachelor of Science in Chemistry
Dallas College of Dentistry
  • English