Sam Lee / Los Angeles, CA
Dental Hygienist
Alpha Dentistry

Administer anesthetic for dental procedures, providing reassurance and support to nervous patients and earning 96% positive feedback scores.
Develop personal care plans for patients.
Use training and professional experience to adapt and alter treatment plans to support patients with additional needs.
Update the record-keeping system to include automatic reminders, reducing missed appointments by 42%.
Conduct periodontal and pathological assessments, making appropriate referrals when necessary.
Dental Hygienist
Sunnyside Dental Practice

Conducted initial patient assessments, creating files and making notes of relevant history.
Booked patient appointments, including emergencies and regular treatment schedules.
Liaised with insurers to check plan coverage and manage billing inquiries.
Assisted dentists with surgery and other dental care, including performing procedures independently, under the supervision of the dentists.
Developed new patient care follow-up protocols which increased patient retention by 17%.
Assistant Dental Hygienist
West View Dental Surgery

Worked with dentist and other hygienists at the practice to offer coordinated patient care packages.
Prepared treatment areas for surgery, sterilized and sanitized instruments and assembled equipment.
Maintained inventory systems, checking and ordering stock.
Provided patients with dental care advice and information.
Prepared patients for treatment, offering advice, answering questions and providing reassurance.
  • Perform and interpret x-rays
  • Conduct dental health assessments
  • Provide clinical services
  • Dental care and special needs training
  • Schedule and diary management
  • Patient satisfaction monitoring
Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene
North Minnesota Dental School North
  • English: Conversational