Devin Gonzales / West, Lake, Texas
Data Scientist
Brice Wenders Solutions Ltd

Lead a team of data scientists that analyze, process and interpret complex customer data sets for seven multi-billion-dollar businesses using advanced querying, visual and analytics techniques, resulting in a 35% increase in customer satisfaction and over $75 million in revenues within 12 months
Develop, design and deploy eight unique algorithms based on advanced statistical analysis and big data modeling, which helped personalize client requirements, strengthen business relationships and boosted company revenue
Increase market share by 15% and customer satisfaction by 30%, boosting renewal rate by 90% in the last two years and increasing revenue growth by 55%
Identify and hire 20 talented data scientists, train new employees and orientate them as well as supervise junior data science staff, provide feedback and conduct performance reviews
Data Scientist
Pillar Intelligence Ltd

Upgraded the company's data mining methodology, reducing data analysis time by 40% and increasing accuracy of results by 95%
Reduced the time required to draw inferences from market data and improved customers' decision-making and marketing strategies
Used data mining and machine learning tools to predict sales of new products and services with a 98% accuracy rate, cutting back on offers that won't do well on the market and helping the company reduce losses by 95%
Supervised company-wide data security update including end-to-end encryption, IP security and improved wireless transmission protocols
Upgraded company data storage capabilities and practices, resulting in a 30% increase in data usability by non-technical employees
Extracted and organized competitor data using advanced web scraping tools, resulting in a 15% increase in company market share
  • Data mining
  • Big Data
  • Deep Learning
  • Data analytics
  • Data visualization
  • Python
  • TensorFlow
  • R Programing
  • Machine Learning
  • Data modeling
  • Cloudera
  • Critical thinking
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
University of San Francisco San Francisco
  • Spanish: Conversational
  • French: Conversational
  • English: Conversational