Dany Dallot
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Master of Science in Nursing
Delaware University
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Delaware University
Clinical Nurse Specialist, Psychiatric Specialist
Delaware Psychiatric Inpatient Care

Evaluate and diagnose all incoming patients
Identify patients for risk factors and create a treatment plan
Oversee department procedures, making recommendations to better meet the patients' needs
Communicate outpatient care with patients' families
Treat patients for common psychological disorders
Clinical Nurse Specialist
Dover International Hospital

Communicated with doctors and nursing staff to coordinate patients' healthcare
Ordered diagnostic tests to better understand patients' symptoms and concerns
Discussed symptoms and health concerns to patients to create a treatment plan
Followed up with post-surgical patients
Prescribed medications to patients to assist with symptoms and treatment
Clinical Nurse Resident
Delaware Hospital Psychiatric Department

Completed patient intakes and conducted health assessments
Coordinated psychiatric care with the emergency department
Referred patients to psychological services upon checking out
Administered medications
Monitored patients under 24-hour watch
Clinical Nurse Intern
Delaware Hospital

Completed patient rounds daily to better understand the needs of each patient
Met weekly with the nursing supervisor to discuss patient care
Communicated with each patient to assist with the coordination of their medical care
Administered medications and updated patient charts
Discussed patient treatment plans with the medical team to better coordinate care
  • Communication: Highly developed verbal and written communication skills that allow me to clearly understand patient needs while also coordinating medical care with other healthcare providers
  • Problem-solving: Good problem-solving skills which allow me to identify a medical problem and then take the necessary steps to overcome it
  • Organizational: Good organizational management skills that allow me to provide exceptional care to each patient while managing my time and a full caseload
  • Research: Developed research skills that assist with solving problems and keeping up-to-date on the latest trends and treatment techniques in psychiatric nursing
  • English: Conversational