Jess Vasiliev
Springdale, AR
  • Experience in handling liquid detergents and chemicals
  • Experience in operating cleaning equipment and machines, including pile brush vacuum and carpet shampooer
  • Excellent knowledge of industrial safety procedures
  • Experience in handling and disposing of industrial waste
  • Experience in heavy-duty vacuuming and carpet cleaning
  • Ability to understand and follow instructions
  • Ability to prepare and follow a cleaning routine
  • Experience in recording and maintaining inventory of cleaning materials, equipment and supplies
  • Excellent physical fitness (able to stand, walk, bend and perform repetitive tasks for long hours)
  • Ability to work in hot temperatures
Factory Cleaner
Dalson Industries, Inc

Use carpet shampooer, pile brush vacuum and industrial-grade detergents to clean and sanitize factory floor areas and carpets
Communicate potential safety issues and risk factors identified during cleaning and other tasks to supervisor
Dispose of industrial waste according to state regulations and procedures established by the company
Clean factory equipment, tools and facilities including mixing tanks and liquid containers
Store and handle liquid detergents and chemicals for cleaning
Carry out regular cleaning tasks outside of the plant even during high weather temperatures
Prepare and present weekly reports on cleaning activities completed during the week
Relaxo Mattresses

Transported and disposed of garbage from the workshop premises to the designated dump yard
Vacuumed, mopped and disinfected workshop areas and facility on a regular basis
Cleaned and dusted office furniture every morning
Cleaned machinery, walls, doors and windows periodically
Assisted admin staff in cleaning tasks during the course of repair and maintenance of air-conditioning systems, electrical fixtures, etc.
Documented, reported and maintained inventory of cleaning materials
High School Diploma
Springdale High School
  • English