Chef Resume
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Reliable and flexible Chef with experience succeeding in fast-paced, high-pressure culinary situations requiring attention to detail and organization; Builds rapport with colleagues and maintains team-oriented and sanitary kitchen space; Monitors food and kitchen expense to balance business needs with creative dining options; Possesses comprehensive knowledge of food trends and ability to continually adapt recipes to surprise and delight customers

Employment History
Sous Chef
Edgewater, Inc.
  • Supervises line cooks and manages line kitchen scheduling to ensure adequate kitchen coverage for busiest hours
  • Guides of daily kitchen operations and completes a variety of tasks simultaneously while keeping the kitchen organized
  • Collaborates with Executive Chef to create innovative menu items that drive repeat business, resulting in a 25% increase in weekend traffic
  • Locates high-quality ingredient providers and negotiates beneficial partnerships, lowering food cost by 10% over 3 months
  • Develops effective cross-marketing strategies that increase profit, such as pairing drinks with the food served
  • Evaluates and hires line cooks and instructs new staff in proper food preparation, food storage, use of kitchen equipment and utensils, sanitation, and safety issues resulting in 98% health department rating
  • Disciplines underperforming staff members and provides incentives for kitchen staff to exceed the expectations of their particular roles
  • Accurately and efficiently prepares healthy and delicious fish, meat, and vegetable-based dishes that delight customers and inspire return visits
  • Cooks accurately and efficiently to ensure timely food service and maintain high customer satisfaction
Line Cook
Western, Ltd.
  • Prepared cold foods and progressed to sautéing, grilling, or frying dish components that required more advanced skill in timing and preparation
  • Organized and stocked kitchen stations with all necessary supplies and completed food prep prior to service including cutting vegetables, preparing marinades, butchering meat, or creating sauces
  • Properly cooked menu items in cooperation with kitchen staff following executive or sous chef's instructions resulting in fewer returned meals and customer complaints
Professional Skills
  • Creativity & Menu Planning
  • Multitasking & Organization
  • Culinary Expertise
  • Fast-Paced Decision Making
  • Attention to Detail
  • Teamwork
  • Business Minded
Associate of Culinary Arts
Westwood University