Leann Taylor
Dallas, TX
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Graduated - Mother Teresa College of Nursing
  • Neonatal ward care
  • Maternity nursing and care
  • Counseling and educating pregnant women and new mothers
  • Monitoring fetal heart rate
  • Maintaining Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
  • Wound dressing and IV administration
  • Phlebotomy and drawing blood for testing
  • Coordinating with other staff for smooth patient care
Saint Mary Hospital
Registered Nurse

Conducted initial screening of patients during admission to, and discharge from, the pediatric ward
Recorded heartbeats, pulse rates, blood pressure, body temperature and other vitals of patients using the EMR system
Provided medical care to patients
Assisted physicians in administering medication and treatment
Collected blood and urine samples for diagnostic tests
Administered IV injections and oral medications
Inserted and removed intravenous and intraurethral catheters
Ensured patient safety according to hospital rules and procedures
Trained new nurses
Coordinated with other staff nurses to ensure smooth service delivery in the pediatric ward
Mayflower Hospital
Assistant Nurse

Provided nursing care to women and newborns in the maternity ward
Monitored blood pressure and pulse rate of patients during labor
Assisted obstetricians in providing nursing care to new mothers and their babies
Counseled and assisted new mothers in breastfeeding, bathing and changing their babies
Counseled pregnant patients to resolve maternity issues
Administered prescribed medications to patients and their newborn babies
Administered IVs, catheters and tracheotomy tubes as per instructions received from RN
Performed basic life support procedures
Performed basic nursing duties such as wound care and dressing
  • English - Conversational